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The Little Women’s Project Continues

 Who?   Tim Bradley.  When?  5/29/15.  Where?  On a plane from Bali to Bangalore.

Like most things with FSP, everything I am doing now and have done before was brought to me from people who want to help, do good deeds, or change their perspective through an experience with FSP. In this case, Patrick T. came to me in January right before he flew to India for work. He was in a very troubled state… I told him about FSP and Latha in Bangalore. We quickly changed the direction of his trip from being about him and his business to being about him and the real business- helping others and finding a greater connection to his heart and soul.

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Project Summary 2014/2015

Last December FSP sent a project summary to all of our loved donors. The document is now available for public download (PDF).

Project Summary


Feeding Starving People in Bangalore

Disclaimer: This story I’m about to tell wasn’t inspired by the Book/Movie …Eat, Pray, Love. I never heard of the book until I moved to Bali. It’s just a coincidence that I live in Bali and went to India. If anything I learned how to Pray in Bali and found love in India 🙂

To the story….About 2 years ago I left (more like given the boot) a 9 marriage. That experience rocked me to the core. In my 35 short years of life I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced a more dark period, with exception of the death of my father. I thought all had been lost. I was so full of anger, resentment, jealousy, self justification, and pride. I would not let go of what was happening. I had to fix it some how some way.

I tried everything I possibly could to quell the insanity that was running around in my head as result of our separation. I tried it all, prayer, no prayer, talking to everyone, isolating,  chain smoking cigarettes, exercising fanatically, and surfing. None of it was working. From sun up to sun down I was constantly obsessing over our past and our future, never present for the moment. The tape recorder WOULD NOT STOP. It was impossible for me to the see the real problem with what happened between us. That problem? ME.

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Santa Claus Comes to Jembrana, Indonesia

This Christmas Eve, FSP teamed up with local café owner Christian to spread the Christmas cheer to rural villages in Jembrana.


Help us with your end of year donation!

If your are planning to make some end of year donations to improve your tax situation for 2014, we would be very grateful, if you consider Feed Starving People Inc. Over the last two years, we have been helping thousands of poor people throughout Southeast Asia with your help! In November 2014 our tax exempt status was officially approved by the IRS. Thus, we have been and will be an official tax exempt 501c3 nonprofit organization.

For 2015 we are having some awesome new ideas and projects brewing, which we will give you more information about right on this blog very soon. Be part of this big plans for 2015 and the work we are doing with your donation! You can easily donate and will automatically receive a receipt for your donations via paypal or using credit card.

Thanks so much for everyone’s support thus far and helping this awesome cause become what it is today.


Our new website design

We are happy to launch Feed Starving People’s new website. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the more picture focused design that we believe is a great way to transport our work to you.

A picture is worth a thousand wordsChinese proverb

You’ll see major updates of the site within the next weeks as we are still working hard behind the scenes to add all the missions that Feed Starving People has run in the last years to the new site. Please refer to our 2013 review post so long. And feels free to come back from time to time, especially for our 2014 review, that we’ll post in January 2015.

Thanks for your continuous support
– The Feed Starving People’s web team


Feed Starving People is an IRS official tax exempt organization

Feed Starving People Inc. has received its approval by the IRS as an official tax exempt organization!
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2013 in a Nutshell

For those who have traveled to less developed countries in Southeast Asia like Cambodia, one would probably find homeless people begging and sleeping on streets a common sight. It would be easy to simply ignore and carry on with holiday plans but this individual, Tim, decided otherwise. He decided to make a difference.
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Feed Hungry Cambodians

That’s how it all started. After traveling Southeast Asia for a year and having had an amazing time, Tim (the founder of Feed starving people) felt that he wanted to give back. Moved by the poverty he had seen in many places throughout Asia he decided to collect some money from friends and use it to feed people, who have little opportunity to work for it.

Read about Feed Starving People’s first mission.