The Little Women’s Project Continues

 Who?   Tim Bradley.  When?  5/29/15.  Where?  On a plane from Bali to Bangalore.

Like most things with FSP, everything I am doing now and have done before was brought to me from people who want to help, do good deeds, or change their perspective through an experience with FSP. In this case, Patrick T. came to me in January right before he flew to India for work. He was in a very troubled state… I told him about FSP and Latha in Bangalore. We quickly changed the direction of his trip from being about him and his business to being about him and the real business- helping others and finding a greater connection to his heart and soul.

Patrick took the time to buy and deliver $1000 worth of necessary food and supplies. As usual, this was all done under the guidance of our P.O.C. (point of contact) in Bangalore, Latha. While he was visiting multiple places to help, he came across one home that was what he described as an absolutely heartbreaking situation. He was fighting tears just talking to these two Indian women and that the situation was so difficult he couldn’t even bring himself to take pictures. I will be sure to get some pictures this time. He and Latha put together a breakdown of what they need to set these little women straight for a year, which will give them time and a chance to get back on their own feet. I saw that same look in Patrick’s eyes that I’ve had so many times when I come across a situation that can’t be overlooked. It’s a look that comes from the deepest part of a person’s heart. Like all good missions and projects from the spirit of FSP, I didn’t have to think twice; I knew FSP would support Patrick’s “2 Little Women” project.

We immediately drew up the details of the items needed, the cost per month for one year, and started reaching out for the funds to operate the mission. By May, the funds had been raised and I started looking for flights to India. FSP reached out to Latha and explained we would return to carry out Patrick’s Little Women Project and research the possibilities of a water filtration system that could supply clean water to over a hundred families for many years to come. She was very excited to hear this and asked that I come the first week of June. So here I am, en route for my return to Bangalore, where we first started, over 2 years ago.