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Feeding Starving People in Bangalore

Disclaimer: This story I’m about to tell wasn’t inspired by the Book/Movie …Eat, Pray, Love. I never heard of the book until I moved to Bali. It’s just a coincidence that I live in Bali and went to India. If anything I learned how to Pray in Bali and found love in India 🙂

To the story….About 2 years ago I left (more like given the boot) a 9 marriage. That experience rocked me to the core. In my 35 short years of life I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced a more dark period, with exception of the death of my father. I thought all had been lost. I was so full of anger, resentment, jealousy, self justification, and pride. I would not let go of what was happening. I had to fix it some how some way.

I tried everything I possibly could to quell the insanity that was running around in my head as result of our separation. I tried it all, prayer, no prayer, talking to everyone, isolating,  chain smoking cigarettes, exercising fanatically, and surfing. None of it was working. From sun up to sun down I was constantly obsessing over our past and our future, never present for the moment. The tape recorder WOULD NOT STOP. It was impossible for me to the see the real problem with what happened between us. That problem? ME.

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