About us

Our mission

Feed Starving People is dedicated to providing support and assistance in the form of food, clothing, supplies, and education to aid in the economic growth of poverty stricken communities around the world, where the basic necessities of nutritious food, clean water, adequate clothes, and education are a luxury.Tim Bradley

Feed Starving People started out as an organization that feeds starving people in Southeast Asia and over the years we have grown into an organization that feeds humans whatever it is that they need to become self-sustaining, anywhere we can reach them. With the right funding and modern day creative technology, we believe that the amount of lives and areas we can change are unlimited.

Our vision

Ultimately, Feed Starving People would like to contribute to the development of places suffering from poverty through the advancement of sustainable resources. In order to build, maintain and grow into a productive and resourceful country, it is important for people to recognize their usefulness in their own community first. Therefore, we would like to be a vehicle for education, health, inspiration and motivation for the citizens of each community we impact.

As the organization continues to grow, we are setting up several long-term projects with teams of passionate and qualified people into various communities to run a range of education and medical programs, as well as clothing and food drives. While some areas may need medical and physical health attention, others may need educational guidance and life skill building to be more employable. We think on our feet and work carefully with each case in front of us, working with all of our resources and our hearts at the same time.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.Lao Tzu

How it started

Feed Starving People was founded during a trip through Southeast Asia by our Executive Director Tim Bradley in 2011. Aside from all the amazing impressions on his trip, Tim was deeply touched by the poverty he saw in many places. In Cambodia, one of the poorest countries of the world, Tim spontaneously decided that it wad time to give back. Read more about the start of Feed Starving people →

Touch one heart, one life, one at a time and watch the world followTim Bradley

The Team

Feed starving People is run by a team of dedicated volunteers, who all put a lot of time and love into the missions and the work behind the scenes. If you are curious, have a look at our fantastic team →