Feed Starving People Inc.

Feed Starving People is an IRS official tax exempt organization

Feed Starving People Inc. has received its approval by the IRS as an official tax exempt organization!

This has been a long time waiting! Feed Starving People was incorporated officially as a non-profit charity organization through the state of Georgia in December 2012. Since we applied for tax exempt status 501c3 to the IRS within the first two years of incorporation (we applied in may 2013), Feed Starving People was automatically treated as tax exempt organization until approved or disapproved. Today Feed Starving People was officially approved as a non-profit charity organization according to the IRS 501c3 regulation! Hence everyone’s donations were and always will be eligible for tax write off.

This approval opens many doors for us and makes it much more possible to receive corporate sponsorship and grants.

I am humbled by what a hunch of inspiration while passing through Cambodia over two years ago has turned into. I am so proud of myself and the many people who have spent so much time and money on making FSP what it is today! GODJOB! iLmL.Tim Bradley, CEO