Lek Enrolls at Florida International School

 Where?  Florida International School in Siem Riep, Cambodia. When?  January 2016.  What?  An update to our latest story, FSP Faces Challenges with Integrity and Pride.

When FSP was troubled with Ly Sunder’s lack of willingness to attend school, we found it important to just ask the school what they suggest we do. Here was their response:

Thank you Sir, for considering our suggestions, because we know that the money you are investing to Cambodian children is a hard earned-money and we see to it that it would be used by children who really give regard to that money and we believed that it should be invested to the deserving ones…

Sir, I am recommending this little girl for you to decide, her mum is a street vender and her husband left her when she 3 months pregnant with this little girl. I personally talk to the girl and she said that she wanted to study English here cause their house is just a walk away. I had a talk also with her grandma who lives with them too…I attached her info and some photos if you would like to show to your board members. Thank you Sir and Merry Christmas! Lika, liaison at Florida International School

Lek Reaksa
Lek Reaksa

As much as we wanted to give Ly Sunder another chance, we realized that difficult decisions had to be made to maximize impact with limited resources. We sadly told the school that we would follow their direction and discontinue support for Ly Sunder’s school funds starting in 2016. We also explained that we would like Lek Reaksa to begin attending immediately.

The same week Lek Reaksa began studying under the FSP scholarship, an FSP supporter went to Siem Reap from the Netherlands to visit the students we sponsor there. Indi was fully briefed on the situation with Ly Sunder and given direction to speak with him if possible. She was directed to share our love and concern for his future and try to make some sense of why he continues to work and play soccer instead of going to school. She was also briefed that Ly Sunder’s sponsor, Scott P. from Arlington, Virginia had agreed to transfer his support to Lek Reaksa. Indi met Lek and her family, and explained to them how FSP came to sponsor her. Indi spent some time with Lek, getting an idea of who she is and what her hopes and dreams may be for her life.

I asked Indi what she gathered from Lek Reaksa and she replied:

“[On the second day] she speaks no English yet and even when Bunna was asking her in Khmer somehow they did not understand each other… but it was also just her second day… I think she was a bit overwhelmed. Friday I saw her again and then I saw a completely different child… so it’ll be very cool to see where she is within a year or two… somehow I think she’ll do well… don’t know why.”

Lek and her family
Lek and her family

Indi spent all week with the kids, getting to know them and seeing how we can be more supportive and helpful in their studies. The kids always seem to need very little, just some love and hope; and FSP definitely brings that with all our hearts.  What a blessing and a journey this Giving Orphans Education project has been.

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